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Sat Feb 13 23:33:32 UTC 2010

Andreas Raab uploaded a new version of Monticello to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Monticello-ar.364
Author: ar
Time: 13 February 2010, 3:33:06.896 pm
UUID: 874084f3-a9ec-034c-b6d7-e31cb3f74234
Ancestors: Monticello-nice.363

Some fixes for Monticello:
- Deal with nil subclasses properly
- Handle DuplicateVariableError to allow moving variables between subclasses and superclasses when reshaping classes
- Load errorDefinitions right away since any delayed class definitions should be present before methods can be loaded.

=============== Diff against Monticello-nice.363 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: MCPackageLoader>>basicLoad (in category 'private') -----
  	"Load the contents of some package. This is the core loading method
  	in Monticello. Be wary about modifying it unless you understand the details
  	and dependencies of the various entities being modified."
  	| pkgName |
  	errorDefinitions := OrderedCollection new.
  	"Obviously this isn't the package name but we don't have anything else
  	to use here. ChangeSet current name will generally work since a CS is 
  	usually installed prior to installation."
  	pkgName := ChangeSet current name.
  	[["Pass 1: Load everything but the methods,  which are collected in methodAdditions."
  	additions do: [:ea | 
+ 		ea isMethodDefinition 
- 		[ea isMethodDefinition 
  			ifTrue:[methodAdditions add: ea asMethodAddition]
+ 			ifFalse:[[ea load]on: Error do: [errorDefinitions add: ea]].
- 			ifFalse:[ea load]]on: Error do: [errorDefinitions add: ea].
  	] displayingProgress: 'Reshaping ', pkgName.
+ 	"Try again any delayed definitions"
+ 	self shouldWarnAboutErrors ifTrue: [self warnAboutErrors].
+ 	errorDefinitions do: [:ea | ea load] 
+ 		displayingProgress: 'Reloading ', pkgName.
  	"Pass 2: We compile new / changed methods"
  	methodAdditions do:[:ea| ea createCompiledMethod] 
  		displayingProgress: 'Compiling ', pkgName.
  	'Installing ', pkgName displayProgressAt: Sensor cursorPoint from: 0 to: 2 during:[:bar|
  		"There is no progress *during* installation since a progress bar update
  		will redraw the world and potentially call methods that we're just trying to install."
  		bar value: 1.
  		"Pass 3: Install the new / changed methods
  		(this is a separate pass to allow compiler changes to be loaded)"
  		methodAdditions do:[:ea| ea installMethod].
  		"Pass 4: Remove the obsolete methods"
  		removals do:[:ea| ea unload].
- 	"Try again any delayed definitions"
- 	self shouldWarnAboutErrors ifTrue: [self warnAboutErrors].
- 	errorDefinitions do: [:ea | ea load] 
- 		displayingProgress: 'Reloading ', pkgName.
  	"Finally, notify observers for the method additions"
  	methodAdditions do: [:each | each notifyObservers] 
  		"the message is fake but actually telling people how much time we spend
  		in the notifications is embarrassing so lie instead"
  		displayingProgress: 'Installing ', pkgName.
  	additions do: [:ea | ea postloadOver: (self obsoletionFor: ea)] 
  		displayingProgress: 'Initializing ', pkgName.
  	] on: InMidstOfFileinNotification do: [:n | n resume: true]
  	] ensure: [self flushChangesFile]!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: MCClassDefinition>>requirements (in category 'comparing') -----
+ 	^superclassName == #nil
+ 		ifTrue: [self poolDictionaries]
+ 		ifFalse: [(Array with: superclassName), self poolDictionaries]!
- 	^ (Array with: superclassName), self poolDictionaries!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: MCClassDefinition>>createClass (in category 'installing') -----
  	| superClass class composition |
+ 	superClass := superclassName == #nil ifFalse:
+ 					[Smalltalk at: superclassName].
- 	superClass := Smalltalk at: superclassName.
  	[class := (ClassBuilder new)
  			name: name 
  			inEnvironment: superClass environment 
  			subclassOf: superClass
  			type: type 
  			instanceVariableNames: self instanceVariablesString 
  			classVariableNames: self classVariablesString 
  			poolDictionaries: self sharedPoolsString
+ 			category: category.
+ 	] on: Warning, DuplicateVariableError do:[:ex| ex resume].
- 			category: category] on: Warning do:[:ex| ex resume].
  	"The following is written to support traits unloading"
  	composition := Compiler evaluate: (self traitComposition ifNil:['{}']).
  	(composition isEmpty and:[class traitComposition isEmpty]) ifFalse:[
  		class setTraitComposition: composition asTraitComposition.
  	composition := Compiler evaluate: (self classTraitComposition ifNil:['{}']).
  	(composition isEmpty and:[class class traitComposition isEmpty]) ifFalse:[
  		class class setTraitComposition: composition asTraitComposition.

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