[squeak-dev] AlignmentMorphs and LayoutFrames

Ralph Boland rpboland at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 00:53:46 UTC 2010

If I nest a number of morphs using ProportionalLayout and LayoutFrames
everything seems to work out fine.
However. if at some point in the nesting of the morphs I use
an AlighmentMorph both the AlignmentMorph and most morphs
within the window expand beyond their right bounds and all align
vertically at a point far off to the right.
All affected morphs are about twice a wide as
they should be.  The main window is not affected.
The morphs within the AlignmentMorph are also not affected.
The affected morphs that do not contain the Alignment morph
have no child morphs or the child morphs are not affected.

If however, if I  place the AlignmentMorph within morphs not
using LayoutFrames then everything is OK.

This seems to suggest that AlignmentMorphs should not be placed
within morphs placed using  LayoutFrames.  (I see no reason for this rule).

Is this true or is the problem a bug (presumably within my code though
I don't see where)?

I certainly don't see why placing a morph should affect the size of
the morphs that contain it let alone those that don't contain it.


Ralph Boland

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