[squeak-dev] Re: The Trunk: Collections-ar.307.mcz

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Mon Feb 15 06:19:37 UTC 2010

Miguel Enrique Cobá Martinez wrote:
> El dom, 14-02-2010 a las 19:44 -0800, Andreas Raab escribió:
>> Hi Miguel -
>> Having packages for individual classes with 13 methods total is 
>> pointless. The granularity simply makes no sense. Plus, Generators are 
>> core facilities in my understanding and consequently belong to the other 
>> core stream and collection classes.
> My question stands, who decides what is big enough to be candidate to be
> separately packaged? If they were 13 methods but 2 classes they will be
> integrated packaged in squeak trunk? What about a class with 400
> methods? This is subjective?

Absolutely. It depends on the concrete situation.

> Who decides to simply merge it in another package that it is big enough,
> but not loadable separately (yes, I know that maybe is impossible to
> separate collections and maybe also pointless because of their core
> nature)?

We decide. In other words, the people participating in the discussion 
and doing the work decide. This is a "soft" process that comes with some 
judgment, yes. If you are asking for a different process, please propose 

> I also asked, what about future modifications/fixes/enhancements to
> Generator class, how will they be integrated in both squeak and lukas
> repo?

What about it? I don't understand your question. Pushing changes in a 
single class back into some repository is utterly trivial. If you mean 
something different, please elaborate.

> Finally your "are core facilities in my understanding" isn't very
> encouraging for the community.

Why? I think that adding new core features is *very* encouraging. It 
shows that we're actively developing Squeak. According to your position, 
adding Eliot's closure work would then be "just as bad", no? ;-)

> Just wanted to know the criteria to merge some external code in the base
> image and this last sentence makes it very clear to me.

I'm not certain which last sentence you're referring to but if it's that 
a criteria for adding to the base image is that the addition should 
provide a core function for the system, then yes, that's a good criteria 
in my understanding. Not necessarily the only one, but definitely a good 
starting point.

   - Andreas

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