Hi Chris, stop messing with the windows please (was Re: [squeak-dev] The Trunk: Morphic-cmm.344.mcz)

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 16:10:43 UTC 2010

Hi radoslav, I thought everyone would cheering with gratitude for this
change!  I'm pretty surprised and sorry you don't like it.

The purpose of the change is to offload work from the user/developer
to the computer by reducing unnecessary window proliferation.  I've
been enjoying the enhanced productivity since 2002.

> While the changes to opening MC are dubious (in my book) but relatively
> harmless, applying the same process to hierarchy browsers stinks.

Wow, dubious?  Why?

> As I use hierarchy browsers quite a lot,

Bravo, I thought I was the only one!  Seems everyone else likes the
"Package" browser; as you said, "one window to rule them all".

> I absolutely DO NOT appreciate
> having one that gets reused, losing my previous selection - example:
> from the class browser open HB on Array
> in the HB, select another class, say ArrayedCollection
> in the original class browser, hit the hierarchy button again
> and watch the HB being reused and switched to look at Array

Ok, well, you've described the behavior again, but you haven't told me
WHY you don't like it.  So let me start by describing why I like it.
Basically, any time I find myself fumbling around on the desktop to
"look for a window", I am:

  1) wasting time
  2) wasting energy
  3) getting distracted by contents of the other windows I'm trying to
move "out of the way"
  4) forgetting my train of thought

The point of this enhancement, in combination with the other recent
alternativeBrowseIt improvements is to provide a *straight-line
navigation* from code-to-code.  IOW, the computer takes you from where
you are, to where you want to go, without you having to fish around
for windows.  For me, it has resulted in a much more stream-lined and
productive browsing experience.

A nice side-effect is that I also don't waste time closing the 5700
windows that accumulate due to the systems' dumb opening of new,
redundant, windows all the time.

> I don't advocate writing even more 'smart' code trying to figure out when to
> reuse a browser and when not. Just give me a new one, easy.

I absolutely agree with your principle, but "smart" is giving this way
too much credit.  It's not "trying to figure out" anything; it employs
simple rules that have been used and enjoyed for 8 years.

> I'd like to know
> 1) why you think these changes are good

See above.

> 2) why you push them onto the general mankind(*)

Because I know what's good for you!  :)  Ok, just kidding!  Seriously,
I'm really surprised you don't like it!  If wish I knew better about

> 3) why is this not a preference (turned off by default)

I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want this.  Reduce window
profileration, reduce work.  Some people like strong modality, or
"click for focus".  These things are pure insanity to me, but then
when it comes to working with softwares, I like to be the punisher,
not the punishee.

> 4) where will this stop? one window to rule them all? :p

What the hell are you talking about?

> (*) as I understand it, the trunk process is there for easy pushing of
> bugfixes or enhacements to the core squeak, not for aligning core squeak
> with one's personal preferences so that they don't have to be loaded/patched
> when starting with a new image

Yep, that's my understanding too.


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