[squeak-dev] Re: [Cuis] FFI problem with ExternalAddress

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Tue Feb 16 20:54:11 UTC 2010

Phil (list) wrote:
> On Feb 16, 2010, at 2:14 PM, Juan Vuletich wrote:
>> Phil, I believe you are the first to try FFI on Cuis. It is good to 
>> know that it is almost running! Please keep us posted on your progress.
> First! :-)  Seriously, I've been really enjoying working with Cuis and 
> the thought you've put into what is, and is not, in it.  The good news 
> is that I've got some basic OpenGL immediate mode code working 
> (validating at least the function call portion of FFI) and now I'm 
> working on retained mode which is where I ran into the external memory 
> issue.

Cool! Please consider making this work available for others to use. I'd 
be delighted to host optional packages or code for Cuis just like this.

> I'm starting to assemble a list of a few fixes and minor issues I've 
> been running into in a variety of areas (mostly trivial fixes: a minor 
> missing method here and there, modifying a couple of lines of code in 
> an existing method, etc.) as I'd guess that I'm exercising a lot of 
> functionality that is probably not mainstream.... do you have any 
> preference on how you'd like things like that proposed/communicated? 
> (i.e. post to this list for discussion, email you changesets w/ notes, 
> or by some other means?)

Please email them to me, to avoid abusing squeak-dev. Unless others 
prefer public discussion of such details here, I'm ok with that too.

Juan Vuletich

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