[squeak-dev] Re: a little more due process

Igor Stasenko siguctua at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 00:27:33 UTC 2010

On 17 February 2010 02:17, Andreas Raab <andreas.raab at gmx.de> wrote:
> keith wrote:
>>> With such an outrageous claim, can I ask you to either provide actual
>>> evidence (quotes, logs, etc) which board members believe this to be a
>>> dictatorship or, if you are unable to provide said evidence, retract your
>>> false accusation?
>> Your wish is my command. You may have been puzzled as to why I have been
>> so vocal, I am only reacting against this kind of dictatorship talk.
> Is that all you got? A single quote from a single discussion on IRC? If
> anything it goes to show that my dislike of IRC is well justified. The
> inability to make a complete argument combined with public logs makes sure
> that if you actually engage in discussion you're going to say certain things
> that should be off-records; except they're not because it's in the logs.
> I *very* much doubt that Randal meant this sentence as a "It's a
> dictatorship, damnit, get used to it!" but rather as a casual observation to
> get a point across as one would in a casual conversation. I would disagree
> even with that but I have no doubt that Randal used a bit of rhetoric to
> emphasize the point that a decision must be made somewhere at times, and
> that he's willing to take this responsibility (which I agree with but that's
> a very long shot from calling it a dictatorship). Misinterpreting him in the
> way you're doing is basically assuming bad faith on Randal's behalf.
> I don't use IRC precisely for the reason that it's not a medium to make a
> concise argument; it's a discussion medium where thoughts flow freely and
> the written argument shouldn't be recorded any more than when you have a
> verbal conversation over lunch.

this is sooo obvious. i wonder, why you even explaining this.
Chat is ultimately wrong place for serious discussions and refering to
it as an 'official' source is just plain stupid.

> Cheers,
>  - Andreas
>> Randal also blatantly said that "the end justifies the means".
>> 16:57:33 <keithy> the whole point was to be philosophically inclusive
>> 16:57:38 <keithy> otherwise squeak is dead
>> 16:57:46 <keithy> trunk is not inclusive
>> 16:58:07 <RandalSchwartz> at some point, it's a dictatorship.  perhaps you
>> never liked that.
>> 16:58:07 <keithy> trunk is one fork
>> 16:58:21 <keithy> it is not a dictatorship
>> 16:58:25 <RandalSchwartz> the official fork, yes
>> 16:58:30 <RandalSchwartz> what we call "Squeak"
>> best regards
>> Keith
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Best regards,
Igor Stasenko AKA sig.

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