[squeak-dev] I Want Keith Hodges Banned

Josh Gargus josh at schwa.ca
Wed Feb 17 02:09:07 UTC 2010

On Feb 16, 2010, at 5:55 PM, keith wrote:

>> The observation that the cycle is like a sine wave, or that Keith apparently has boundless energy for conflict?
>> Just curious,
>> Josh
> I have a boundless energy for not being accused of things, like "you broke the contribution process, and we fixed it"
> You "fixed it" by eliminating the largest contributor and sharer of stuff developed for the good of squeak for a couple of years, now that's progress.

Don't be so touchy, I really was curious about exactly what Reinhard disagreed with.  +/-1 works perfectly when the original idea is unambiguous, but in this case can mean many things. Probably he meant -1 to everything, but I'm not sure.

For the record, I did think that Randal came on a bit strong with the "you broke the contribution process".  However, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and chalking it up to fatigue.  

BTW, I was surprised to see that Matthew feels that you and he "set Squeak back 2 years... and caused the Pharo split".  I certainly hope that he's not beating himself up about it as much as that quote suggests.  Many people continue to appreciate the efforts that you made, even if we're doing something different now.


> Keith

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