[squeak-dev] a little more due process

keith keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 17 04:23:30 UTC 2010

> Hmm... I remember back when the alleged injustices were supposedly  
> being
> perpetrated, I took a look at the archives of the release team mailing
> list. Big surprise - what Keith is saying is total nonsense. The board
> pinged the release team on several occasions with no apparent  
> response.

That is a complete lie that was made up by someone at the the time the  
rebuttal obviously got lost in the fray.
There were no emails from any member of the board for 8 weeks.

I was in irc and active almost every single day.

> Nothing was getting delivered,

Not true,

1) The Bob image was downloadable in February and configured on a  
The changes to mantis to allow automated querying was performed a  
month or two later.
LPF was delivered
Sake/Packages was delivered
Installer was delivered.
3.10.2-build was delivered (and 3.10.2-build was built using the  
process that was the deliverable)

I also began producing videos to document the bob process which was  
(almost*) finished and was building developer images, amongst others.

*almost - bob was configured to build, but not yet to test. It was a  
single method addition of a configuration.

If you care to look at the proposal, the deliverable was that process  
which I was video-documenting two days before Andreas announced a new  

> no timeline was available, and there was

The timeline was available, I was making the videos to document the  
process and less than a week of effort was needed to configure bob to  
run the tests against the images bob was already building.

> no indication that another three years would not go by without any
> results.

No liaison form the board to ask what progress actually was.

> I also took a look at Keith's actual work as it related to bugs that
> I was personally familiar with on Mantis. Big surprise - things  
> labeled
> as "fixes" that were not fixes, things tagged for inclusion in the
> mythical "new release" that could not possible work. Hmmm... this does
> not smell right.

If you ask I could explain this to you.

We had an offline script which listed a over 100 fixes for inclusion  
in the next release.
3.10.2 had an additional 17 fixes in it for a start.

Once the process was complete, and remember the process was the  
deliverable. Then work would be able to progress making mantis reflect  
what we wanted in each subsequent monthly iteration.

No effort had been made to set the statuses on mantis because a) the  
process was being documented to explain to people what needed doing  
and b) the deliverable was the process, and an image to demonstrate  
that process. It only needed a token number of fixes on the first  
iteration, and the 100 we already had was plenty for an alpha.

> So from my point of view what I see is:
>  - Lots of fancy talk about fictious deliverables

Did you download the bob image, or the build image? Did you load Sake/ 

>  - No actual deliverables

Look at the proposal, the deliverable was the process. Apart from the  
testing configuration for bob it was complete. Bob even has a seaside  

The release image that the proposal said we would deliver was merely  
to be a demonstration of the process. That demonstration had already  
been delivered with 3.10.2-build and 3.10.2-lpf images.

>  - Excuses about why nothing gets done

Nothing, meaning, features like LPF and Installer in use by several  
people in the community for actual commercial projects. In my case you  
can add Sake/Packages, and bob to that list too.

>  - Scapegoats who are at fault for the failure to deliver whatever it

The board who decides to make decisions in one sitting without asking  
people it effects.

>    was that was almost ready to be finished real soon now if only  
> people

Actually the process was finished already. It just needed to be used.  
I.e. it needed someone to choose the fixes in mantis and hit the build  

>    were enlightened enough to appreciate it

You betcha. You could have this point if it were not for one glaring  

Some people did appreciate it and did understand it, and they continue  
to appreciate it and continue to understand it.

The fact that they took the time to do so, and you didnt, is an  
indictment on you not them or me.

>  - Sloppy work, full of errors, incomplete, undocumented

I thank you for your support, and encouragement, it must have been  
there somewhere but I missed it. You volunteered to help when exactly?

> My comments are directed specifically towards Keith, and are not  
> intended

Your comments are typically misinformed and similarly insulting,

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