[squeak-dev] Re: a little more due process

keith keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 17 07:26:14 UTC 2010

> regarding 3.11 status and progress. I excluded you initially because  
> you didn't seem interested in these discussion
> (you hadn't responded at all in the prior exchange) and later on it  
> felt inappropriate.

I had already said I didn't want to talk on squeak-dev which you  

Secondly I was active in irc which other members of the board plainly  
saw since Ken and I had been working on Mantis stuff.

I didn't respond to your April messages because I was

a) busy trying to save another paid project from being cancelled,  
which was cancelled.
b) busy actually working to deliver stuff so that you would see what  
you could contribute to and putting a gui on bob.
c) you had already demonstrated you weren't interested in listening to  
me or actually contributing since all you seemed bothered about was  
renaming 3.10.2-build into 3.11-alpha.
d) a lot happens in 8 weeks


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