[squeak-dev] Let's all be nice - and hey, Election coming soon!

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Wed Feb 17 09:37:42 UTC 2010

Hi folks!

I am not as active on squeak-dev as I have been previous years BUT... I 
am trying to read/skim the most of it.

Now, I am guilty of not having kickstarted the 2010 Election yet. So 
this post simply says that hey, I *will* :).

And given the recent discussions about "banning Keith" and endless 
discussions around the actions of the SOB during their year of being in 
charge - it sure seems like a perfect time to get it all going!

But more of that in my next post, typically late tonight (and I will be 
on IRC then too, to discuss some issues about how we should do it this 

Now, back to the "Let's all be nice" part:

- I have been *very* proud over the years of our friendly atmosphere 
here in Squeak and squeak-dev. That pride is... slightly bruised up. But 
I *want* to be proud so *we* (<- all of us) really need to SHAPE UP!

- Keith has worked hard on lots of stuff. I have worked closely with 
Keith in the Gjallar project. I both like Keith *and* dislike the stance 
he has taken and the subsequent endless negative discussions.

- I also *do* think Brian was too trigger happy with the ban on IRC. 
Let's all be more careful with that weapon, ok? But I am not a die hard 
IRCer, so the netiqette in these matters are not my expertise.

- I *really* don't support banning Keith from the mailinglist (or any 
other resource we use), nor anyone else for that matter, unless they are 
total nut jobs. ;)

BUT... I do SINCERELY (for our communitys sake) ask Keith, Randal, 
Andreas and all other "primary participants" to take a deep breath and
move *forward*. It has simply gone too far and right now these 
discussions mainly just "poison" the community and does not make us 
happier. I don't want to "ban the subject" - but it would certainly make 
life nicer for all of us if the discussions were done in a friendlier 
tone AND of much less volume.

I am CERTAIN that we all want to have the same "good stuff" in the end, 
we just disagree on the road to get there. Let's be nice to each other 
and make the best of all our efforts, ok?

my 7 cents, Göran

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