[squeak-dev] Squeak Oversight Board Election 2010!

Ken G. Brown kbrown at mac.com
Thu Feb 18 18:19:57 UTC 2010

Ken G. Brown

At 5:51 PM -0600 2/17/10, Miguel Enrique Cobá Martinez apparently wrote:
>El jue, 18-02-2010 a las 00:14 +0100, Göran Krampe escribió:
>> Dear Squeakers,
>> Approximately one year has passed and it is hight time for us to kick
>> another Squeak Oversight Board Election into gear!
>Honest question, in the sight of the known discussions about the current
>1. Will some kind of Terms of Reference will be created to
>limit/establish/clear the responsibilities/powers/obligations of the new
>2. Will some kind of gentleman agreement will be proposed for this new
>board (and of course subsequent ones) that avoids that the new board
>throws the previous board work and objectives for their new ones (and by
>implication, upsetting people that worked for the previous objectives).
>3. What will avoid that each new board makes from squeak its own
>playground that will end with the board term. In the long term this will
>kill the community, as we have seen this year.
>4. What about the concerns of people about the members with voting
>power. What prevents that in some election:
>	4.1 only or mostly voters are the ones happy with the current board,
>perpetuating the same members of the current board in the new board
>	4.2 everyone votes, even the ones that haven't interest (economical,
>financial, educative, code donated or contributed) or a real, earned,
>right to vote
>5. What about the "constitution" of Squeak, so many of this problems can
>be fully avoided.
>That is what comes to mind right now.
>Miguel Cobá

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