[squeak-dev] I Want Keith Hodges Banned

Ken G. Brown kbrown at mac.com
Thu Feb 18 18:46:07 UTC 2010

- a whole bunch
It's attitudes like yours that make this open source community struggle.

Yes, you can quit bleating please.

Ken G. Brown

At 10:06 AM -0800 2/18/10, Eliot Miranda apparently wrote:
>I take from this that we need to *not* have terms of reference for the board.  Keith has, I hope (why do I doubt it?), offered to exclude himself form this community and that is something I will very much appreciate.  The recent IRC log displays a degree of emotional and intellectual immaturity I found quite shocking.  It also included some pathetic arse licking and gang behaviour from others and reminded me of nothing as much as my 9 year old son's own battles at school.  I think that Keith is essentially a mediocre talent who has some good ideas but who doesn't execute very well. Keith himself said in the IRC log three years of work on continuous integration was wasted by the new trunk.  Three years is simply too long in this space.  Others have got bored waiting and have started playing a different game, but Keith's reaction is to have a sustained hissy fit.  Rather than do all the hard work necessary to make his work accessible to others he has emoted repetitiously to an extent that has exhausted the patience of many in the community.  I am relieved to hear keith has decided to stomp off to the other side of the playground.  The IRC log shows how much energy is wasted on emoting instead of working.
>So can we please /not/ have a terms of reference and /not/ welcome Keith back into the fold?  If he produces good work in Cuis we can put in the effort to harvest it, and in the mean time concentrate our energies on Squeaking rather than bleating.

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