[squeak-dev] Re: Help system now for Squeak and Pharo

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Sat Feb 20 18:10:06 UTC 2010

But the Metacello code would load version '1.0', whereas your Installer 
code would load the latest of each monticello package.

It's happened to me where a Gofer script was being used to load a series 
of packages that was being updated by someone else, at the same time. 
After debugging the problem, the solution was that old standby: "run the 
code again, and hope for a different outcome". Of course it worked the 
second time because whoever was updating the packages had finished by then.


Andreas Raab wrote:
> BTW, for people who'd like to install HelpSystem with Installer instead 
> of Metacello, use this:
> (Installer repository: 'http://squeaksource.com/HelpSystem')
>     install: 'HelpSystem-Core';
>     install: 'HelpSystem-Tests';
>     install: 'Squeak-Project-Help'.
> (Smalltalk at: #HelpSystem) reset.
> This installs in a fraction of the time and space.
> Cheers,
>   - Andreas
> Andreas Raab wrote:
>> Wow, that's *very* nice. Is there a way of registering custom pages 
>> and navigate directly to them? I'd like to try to add the stuff that's 
>> currently in the help menu and have those entries go directly into the 
>> help system (the idea being that someone looking at any of these items 
>> also sees the other help entries).
>> Cheers,
>>   - Andreas
>> Torsten Bergmann wrote:
>>> Since we share tools and code - we may in the future also
>>> share (in-image) documentation for tools. What is new:
>>>    - Refactored and updated the code
>>>    - Help System is now usable in Pharo and Squeak too
>>>    - Metacello config is updated for both
>>>    - there is an initial help for the Pharo project and the Squeak 
>>> project
>>>      (depending on from where you load it)
>>>    - the help for the help system is displayed as last book
>>>    - I merged HelpContents into a new HelpPage - so we have books and 
>>> pages
>>>      (we may later add other forms than text in subclasses like
>>>       HTMLHelpPage, ...)
>>> The help browser includs a book on how to provide/implement an own 
>>> custom help. Future version may include specific colored icons for
>>> squeak and better UI depending on the UI system (Polymorph in Squeak)
>>> as well as authoring tools.
>>> Thanks to Metacello one is able to manage the differences. To load:
>>> Squeak
>>> ======
>>>       Installer ss project: 'MetacelloRepository';         install: 
>>> 'ConfigurationOfHelpSystem'.
>>>      ((Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfHelpSystem) project version: 
>>> '1.0') load
>>> Pharo
>>> =====
>>>      Gofer new
>>>         squeaksource: 'MetacelloRepository';
>>>         package: 'ConfigurationOfHelpSystem';
>>>         load.
>>>      ((Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfHelpSystem) project version: 
>>> '1.0') load
>>> Bye
>>> T.

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