[squeak-dev] HelpSystem & Class comments

Danny Chan chan_dhf at yahoo.de
Wed Feb 24 06:48:48 UTC 2010


I've added something along this line in the current baseline. In a 
documentation method of one of your CustomHelp subclasses you return a 
subclass of DynamicHelpPage. This allows you to create a whole subtree of 
documentation dynamically. I would like to use the static CustomHelp hierarchy 
for categorizing, overview documentation for packages, and anything that comes 
into mind that does not fit nicely into code comments. 

As an example, the "Help on Help" topic now has API documentation generated 
automatically from the source. In the Pharo mailing list the idea has come up 
to use pragmas (<help>) to categorize the methods you are documenting. A 
preliminary scetch of how this might be done is included. Have a look at the 
DynamicHelpPage subclasses and feel free to add something more powerful - I am 
just starting with Smalltalk and seeing what experienced people add or change 
in my code is teaching me alot.

> c) Class comments are WYSIWIG for the purposes of HelpSystem. One can
> create links, doIts, highlights and see the effects right away. This
> isn't easily possible otherwise since we don't have literal text syntax.

How can links and highlights be created? Is this a feature specific to the 
particular class browser that is used?


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