[squeak-dev] Re: ReadStream>>DNU: peekSignIsMinus?

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Wed Feb 24 14:17:32 UTC 2010

Nicolas Cellier wrote:
> 1) I have posted a Kernel-nice2-403 to replace Kernel-nice-403
> 2-3-4) Can you proceed with these changes ?
> Thank you very much

All done. If anyone else ever ends up in a similar situation and I'm not 
around, here's what I did:

* updated an image until update-nice.120 where I had an error when 
loading it. I fixed the error manually, then stopped.
* loaded Kernel-nice2.403
* reposted update-nice.120 now referring to Kernel-nice2.403 instead of 
the original Kernel version in there

(at this point everything up to update-nice.120 is fine)

* merged update-nice.121 to get to the next stage. I had to resolve one 
conflict (exactly the patch Nicolas had made)
* posted a merged version of Kernel-nice2.403 and Kernel-nice.403 as 
* replaced Kernel-nice.403 in update-nice.121 with Kernel-ar.404
*  reposted update-nice.121

(this fixed everything up to update-nice.121; from here it's just 
repetition of the previous step)

* merge update-ul.122
* publish merged Kernel-ar.407
* replaced Kernel package in update-ul.122
* repost update-ul.122

This is basically your ticket. If you need to go back to fix something, 
you basically create a parallel ancestry of MC packages, merging the 
ones that were issues along in the updates. It takes a bit of time but 
it's a simple process.

   - Andreas

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