[squeak-dev] Re: HelpSystem & Class comments

keith keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 24 18:12:16 UTC 2010

> That's fine too. I honestly don't care, I just need *some* mechanism.

My SimplestThing approach for managing ReadMe file content within the  
image is described in the following discussion, and it uses class  
comments for simple in-image storage. In cuis class comments aren't  
styled so they look a bit plain, but do the job.


We used to have a bob task that opens all the .text files it could  
find in workspaces. We added file handling capabilities to MC as well,  
so that you could have a Readme-ar.1.mcz. There is also a fix in  
mantis which allows workspaces to know the file they belong to, and  
save on accept, revert and so forth. (Search for "Workspace  
convenience methods" if that is of interest)

My current solution is that the default behavior of InstallSeries is  
to open any *.text files in a workspace. So any readme's that a  
package or patch wants to display are added to the updates stream like  
so e.g. 0020/Readme.text

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