[squeak-dev] [Ann] [Cuis] Cuis 2.2 released

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Wed Feb 24 18:43:34 UTC 2010

Hi Keith,

keith wrote:
> Juan, please could you at least, as a minimum, include something to 
> handle a script from the command line. I have provided LaunchScript as 
> a throwaway solution that uses the old startup mechanism. (my builds 
> soon replace it with StartUpManager1.0)
> You can obtain it via: #> bzr branch lp:~smalltalkers/cuis/release

I installed bazar in my windows box. running that in the bazar command 
shell, and running
        C:\Archivos de programa\Bazaar>bzr branch 
I get
        bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "C:/Archivos de 

I'm not really interested in learning about bazar. Can you just email me 
the stuff? Besides I need your statement that the code is under the MIT 
license, and not under the "Be Nice MIT" or any other license. I just 
can't afford the consequences of loading non strictly MIT code in Cuis.

I'm interested in StartUpManager and in raising the 32Mb limit. Any 
other contributions I might review is welcome too.

> Secondly the Object-systemNavigation ^ Smalltalk would be useful.
> And thirdly some mechanism that would work in all forks to obtain 
> either Smalltalk or SmalltalkImage current.
> Perhaps via: 
> anObject class environment systemImage

Ok. I'll add
        Object >> systemNavigation   ^Smalltalk
        SmalltalkImage class >> current ^Smalltalk
SmalltalkImage will be an empty class, with just a comment and the 
#current class side method. You can add them yourself for the time 
being, they'll be preloaded in the next release.

> I will be working on the bazaar based build system for a bit, it is 
> really working well for me. In the next few days, if I can work out 
> how to implement configurations, I think it will be good enough to be 
> a kernel contribution process, and image builder, for all forks 
> simultaneously! Something that Mr Cellier would like I hope. Once this 
> process is in place you guys will need someone to volunteer to be a 
> "cross fork czar", if it is going to be of much ongoing use.

That will be great!

> off to download Cuis2.2 !
> regards
> Keith

Juan Vuletich

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