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Wed Feb 24 23:55:38 UTC 2010

Changes to Trunk (http://source.squeak.org/trunk.html) in the last 24 hours:


Name: Morphic-ar.348
Ancestors: Morphic-edc.347

Make sure that UserDialogBoxMorph comes to the front when the user clicks since it is modal.



Name: Compiler-nice.122
Ancestors: Compiler-nice.121

Forbid the construction (-  1)
The minus sign now MUST NOT be separated from the literal number.
RATIONALE: this syntax is not Smalltalk, not portable, not documented, not the same inside #(- 1) and is just adding confusion to the -1 rule, especially since the binary selectors can now embed a $- at any place.

we might introduce a Preferences if the case shows up.
I did a Compiler recompileAll, which works fine in trunk.

In order to achieve this, I had to first correct the hereEnd and mark instance variables near end of stream.
The scanner scans two letters ahead, so it clearly has to test both aheadChar then hereChar.
Previously, it did decide on source atEnd and hereChar only, which was a bogus for example in case of a trailing separator in source.
WARNING: hope this won't break any obscure workaround in Debugger selection.



Name: Collections-edc.314
Ancestors: Collections-ul.313

Added String-lastPositionOf convenience method



Name: System-edc.261
Ancestors: System-ul.260

Fix CodeLoader installSourceFiles

Now you could do this example

|loader |
	loader _ CodeLoader new.
	loader baseURL: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/Ladrillos/'.
	loader loadSourceFiles: #('Scamper-edc.13.mcz' );installSourceFiles.



Name: Kernel-nice2.403
Ancestors: Kernel-nice.402

1) Introduce a Number class>>#readSqueakSyntaxFrom:  for Compiler/Scanner. This will later enable introduction of extended for #readFrom:
2) Connect the hook for allowing leading + sign in Integer reading.

This is a correction of Kernel-nice.403



Name: Kernel-ar.404
Ancestors: Kernel-nice2.403, Kernel-nice.403

Merging Kernel-nice2.403 and Kernel-nice403.



Name: Kernel-ar.407
Ancestors: Kernel-ar.404, Kernel-ul.406

Merging Kernel-ar.404 and Kernel-ul.406



Name: Morphic-kb.352
Ancestors: Morphic-ar.348, Morphic-kb.350, Morphic-kb.351, Morphic-kb.349

 - merge of latest trunk, docking bar keyboard navigation and set style bugfix.



Name: CollectionsTests-ar.147
Ancestors: CollectionsTests-ul.146

Document an ancient bug in RunArray class>>scanFrom:.



Name: Collections-ar.315
Ancestors: Collections-edc.314

Fix an ancient bug in RunArray class>>scanFrom: which was never triggered in the past since RunArray contents would never be empty (initialized to a TextFontChange at least). Now they can be, which unveiled the bug, namely that when a RunArray of the form:

		runs: #(1 1 1) 
		values: { {}. {TextEmphasis bold}. {} }.

would be stored, the last value element would be lost when reading it back. With rather hairy consequences.

Also, we can afford meaningful variable names in our code instead of 'aa', 'rr', and 'vv'.



Name: Collections-ar.316
Ancestors: Collections-ar.315

Oops, RunArray values should be arrays not ordered collections.



Name: Monticello-kb.370
Ancestors: Monticello-kb.369

- Shout styling for the MCSnapshotBrowser using ToolBuilder



Name: System-ul.262
Ancestors: System-edc.261

- don't use #lastPositionOf:
- minor cleanup



Name: Collections-ul.317
Ancestors: Collections-ar.316

- removed String >> #lastPositionOf: because it does the same as SequenceableCollection >> #lastIndexOf:


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