[squeak-dev] Where is there a working Squeak VM?

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 05:36:20 UTC 2010

Is there a downloadable _Squeak_ VM that can run the latest trunk
image?  If so, where I can download it?

I'm out of town, using my old (Windows) computer with only the old
Squeak VM installed.  I needed to boot up a recent closures Squeak
image but of course I couldn't.

So I found myself going out to the _Pharo_ download page to download a
VM to run Squeak.  I then had to rename the Windows executable from
pharo.exe to squeak.exe since that's how my file-associations are set
up.  Oh, and the Pharo splash page is used unless you take care to
keep the old splash bmp.

Frankly, this is all seriously cheesey.  Please, if we haven't
already, can we make available a separately downloadable VM for
*Squeak*.  I would even suggest that we make it downloadable from
squeak.org.  Who is in charge of this?


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