[squeak-dev] Where is there a working Squeak VM?

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Thu Feb 25 16:37:10 UTC 2010

On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 11:26:12PM -0700, Ken G. Brown wrote:
> At 11:36 PM -0600 2/24/10, Chris Muller apparently wrote:
> >Is there a downloadable _Squeak_ VM that can run the latest trunk
> >image?  If so, where I can download it?
> This looks like it: <http://www.squeakvm.org/win32/>
> Accessed from <http://www.squeak.org/> -> Links->SqueakVM.

Right. Note also that www.squeakvm.org always has the latest VM
distributions, as well as links to the source code respository
(Subversion) for the VM, and information on 64 bit VMs and images.
It does lack links to John's MAC VMs, I guess that needs to be

> >I'm out of town, using my old (Windows) computer with only the old
> >Squeak VM installed.  I needed to boot up a recent closures Squeak
> >image but of course I couldn't.
> >
> >So I found myself going out to the _Pharo_ download page to download a
> >VM to run Squeak.  I then had to rename the Windows executable from
> >pharo.exe to squeak.exe since that's how my file-associations are set
> >up.  Oh, and the Pharo splash page is used unless you take care to
> >keep the old splash bmp.

As far as I know, there is no difference between a "Pharo VM" and
a "Squeak VM" aside from the packaging and the inclusion of the
FreeType plugin for Pharo. There is also interest in supporting
the Alien FFI for Pharo, so whenever that gets sorted out for the
unix platforms, we'll presumably want to include it in future
Squeak VMs.

> >Frankly, this is all seriously cheesey.  Please, if we haven't
> >already, can we make available a separately downloadable VM for
> >*Squeak*.  I would even suggest that we make it downloadable from
> >squeak.org.  Who is in charge of this?

It sounds like we need clearer links from squeak.org to the relevant
VM pages. We have a Squeak 4.0 release right around the corner, and
that's probably the right time to do the updates.


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