[squeak-dev] [Squeak 4.0] Welcome text (work in progress)

Ronald Spengler ron.spengler at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 07:55:54 UTC 2010

We need a new welcome screen for the 4.0 release artifact. I started
playing with that. Here's what I have so far. I'd love suggestions for
changes. Also, I didn't touch the copyright stuff, and I don't know
that it's still correct. Randal?

I'd also like to suggest that we also have a History of 4.0 window
which (since there aren't a lot of changes) gives some credit to the
people who busted their butts to make the relicense possible.


Squeak 4.0

Welcome to Squeak - a free, open Smalltalk system.

Squeak is an open source implementation of Smalltalk that includes an
expansive and rapidly developing world of objects.

Squeak includes a fully integrated development environment,
networking, sound synthesis and sampling, speech synthesis, 2 & 3D
graphics, arithmetic and data structure libraries.

Squeak even includes the tools to produce its own virtual machine (VM)
so you can build your own - and most of the VM is written in
Smalltalk. Not only is all the Smalltalk source code included and
changeable, it is also completely open and free. The Squeak system
image runs bit-identically across all platforms, and VMs are available
for just about every computer and operating system available.

To find out exactly which version of Squeak this is, go the Squeak
flap on left,  and push "about this system" button

This release of Squeak uses the Morphic graphics architecture.  Squeak
also includes an MVC architecture available inside MVC projects (see
the world menu 'open...' options).  Most of the standard system
windows can be opened in either framework, but media support is much
more highly developed in Morphic.

Projects are separate worlds within Squeak, similar to pages on the
Internet.  In fact active projects can be shared over the internet
just like web pages.  Projects may be found by selecting the 'FIND'
button under the Navigator tab at the bottom of the screen.

To 'Go Back' from a project you have entered, choose 'previous
project' from the world menu, or '< PREV' from the navigator tab.

Color graphics
Squeak's BitBlt has been retrofitted with support for variable-depth
color and many performance enhancements.  It has several added
functions including a paint mode that supports transparency, and an
alpha-blend mode for 32-bit color.  It also has a "warp-drive" variant
that will scale, rotate, and otherwise deform bitmaps in a single
pass.  Interested users will want to try
	Display restoreAfter: [WarpBlt test1]
	Display restoreAfter: [WarpBlt test3].

Squeak includes base classes and some simple primitives that support
real-time background generation of sound and music.  Interested users
may want to try
	AbstractSound stereoBachFugue play.
to stop this composition before it is over
     SoundPlayer stopPlayingAll

Further Documentation
The primary website for Squeak is


and it links to a large amount of online information, including a
wiki. There are many active mailing lists; Squeak-beginners is
especially good for those new to Smalltalk, while squeak-dev is the
main list. Please join a list!

Squeak is distributed for use and modification subject to a pair of
liberal open source licenses, Apache and MIT. See the main Squeak
website for details. Unless stated to the contrary, works submitted
for incorporation into or for distribution with Squeak shall be
presumed subject to the MIT license.

To see the license agreement at any time, double click just past the
open square-brace below, yellow/secondary-click, and choose 'print it'
from the menu that appears.

[ Smalltalk license ]

Portions of Squeak are:

Copyright (c) 1996 Apple Computer, Inc.
Copyright (c) 1997-2001 Walt Disney Company, and/or
Copyrighted works of many other contributors.
All rights reserved

4dot0 Release Team
Ronald Spengler
etc (your names here)

And a long list of people you could see in "history of 4.0" window.


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