[squeak-dev] Where is there a working Squeak VM?

K. K. Subramaniam subbukk at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 08:21:56 UTC 2010

On Friday 26 February 2010 10:27:16 am Chris Muller wrote:
> My only suggestion would be that we try to co-locate all of the files
> necessary for a running system, whether that be
> http://squeak.org/Download/ under the heading "Virtual Machine", or
> under "Latest Development" (which would be from the ftp.squeak.org
> site) or squeakvm.org.
This is a good suggestion. The VM binaries are small compared to the image 
that one could bundle Linux+Mac+Win32 binaries together for a true multi-
platform experience.

I prefer the Etoys-To-Go model of combining the image and all three VMs and 
plugins into a portable tree that can be run either installed on a machine or 
launched off a removable volume.


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