[squeak-dev] [Squeak 4.0] A Couple of Methods (PLEASE REVIEW)

keith keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Feb 26 22:27:02 UTC 2010

Please could you put #licence somewhere else. Smalltalk is way  

Options I can think of include:

a) SystemVersion class #licence

My preferred option
b) New class SystemLicence in the category System-Info
using the class comment, retrievable via SystemLicence comment.

thanks in advance


> So to avoid pasting the whole license into
> SystemDictionary>>condenseSources, I added SystemDictionary>>license,
> which just answers a ByteString containing the license agreement, and
> makes the change to #condenseSources a one-liner. Note that I pasted
> verbatim what Andreas sent me; I would like it if folks could make
> sure I have the right text there. Another advantage to having the
> license live in it's own method is, it's easy to change if the SFC
> wants last-minute changes. A third advantage (and this just makes me
> smile) is you can print:
> [ Smalltalk license. ]
> Which answers the ByteString containing the text of the license
> agreement. Place your bets on how long it'll take Andreas to come up
> with a one line method that transforms legalese into friendly
> LOLspeak:P
> Andreas recommended the following test case to me:
> Filein the attachment SystemDictionary-license.st, followed by the
> attachment SystemDictionary-condenseSources.st.
> Then do... [ Smalltalk condenseSources. ]
> Afterwords, make sure it worked with...
> [ Smalltalk allClassesAndTraits do:[:cls| cls compileAll]. ]
> If anyone can recommend other interesting test cases around this,
> please let me know. The changes and sources files are still fairly
> arcane to the Fancy New Guy:)
> -- 
> Ron
> <SystemDictionary-license.st><SystemDictionary-condenseSources.st>

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