[squeak-dev] Re: Where is there a working Squeak VM?

Chris Cunnington smalltalktelevision at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 22:57:29 UTC 2010

Sorry I didn't get to this earlier in the day. Other stuff.

Chris M. couldn't find the right VM. He looked on the downloads page, and
didn't find the SqueakVM link on the homepage. I think that means I should
go through those 15 odd VM links on the downloads page and point them to the
right VMs if I can. I imagine we want all the links to point to the full
closure VM, which is backward compatible to 3.8, so it's all good.

A link has been added to squeakvm.org, so the Mac VMs can be found easily.
Cool, Dave.

I imagine the download packages for Linux, Windows, and Mac can be left for
now, as they come with an image that works. The idea of putting all three
VMs in a package is probably a good one, but it seems to me we can delay
that for now until new packages need to be created.

A link from the Latest Development section squeakvm.org looks like a good
idea, so I'll add one.
I don't have access to ftp.squeak.org, but perhaps somebody who does could
add a link to squeakvm.org there.

Soooo... in total:

1. Dave has updated squeakvm.org.
2. I need to change links to VMs on the download page, and add a link from
the Latest Development section to squeakvm.org.
3. As some people go straight to ftp.squeak.org, perhaps somebody could add
a link to squeakvm.org from there.

I think that's the big picture. With these changes is should be much easier
to reach for a VM while reaching for a Trunk image.

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