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keith keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jan 22 10:51:04 UTC 2010

>> Bob built an LPF image, with MC1.5 etc, on your first 3.10-closures  
>> image, you can download it from ftp.squeak.org <http:// 
>> ftp.squeak.org>  and I requested feedback or suggestions as to what  
>> to do next with it to get the debugger working and got none.
> I ignore all rest of nonsense mail except this.
> Write exact how to do for get closures on  http://ftp.squeak.org/various_images/SqueakLight/MinimalMorphic.7246.zip 
> .
> Process of Andreas fail and Cuis updates also fails.
> I was ignorant about how to get Closures in the most modular and  
> smaller 3.10 compatible thing , so enlighten me.
> If the process success I say you was a super master and all us a  
> bunch of fools.
> If contrary, you says mumble jumble or attack working people ,  
> continue my working in silence and ignore you again.
> Edgar

Hi Edgar,

As usual I don' t have a clue what you are talking about. The whole  
point is that I don't know how to load closures although I was one of  
the first to give the first closures image a try. Asking me to write  
you a procedure seems a little misplaced.   I am pointing out that no  
one has made that knowledge available in a form that mere mortals like  
you or I can use, because the "super masters" are establishing and  
using processes that apply to their own images only.

For example, whatever process was used to apply closures to 3.10- 
basic, could be used to apply closures to 3.9, because they are very  
similar. Pharo was based upon 3.9, so by analogue, if Stefane made a  
process for applying closures to 3.9, then he could have used that  
same process as the basis for adding closures to Pharo, and 3.10, but  
he chose to only do it for pharo.

Whatever process was used to apply closures to 3.8 would also be used  
to apply closures to cobalt, and etoys.

Therefore if you want closures for MinimalMorphic as far as I know you  
are on your own, and that was my point.


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