[squeak-dev] [ANN] Magma 1.1r2

Chris Muller ma.chris.m at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 23:55:31 UTC 2010

I am pleased to announce a new release of Magma containing my updates
since 1.1r1:

- All underscore assignments have now been updated to ANSI assignments.
- When opening the server, a file called "_open" is created in the
repository directory, to indicate the repository is open.  The file is
deleted when the repository is closed gracefully.  This is intended to
help protect from accidentally letting two OS processes open the same
repository files.
- Resurrected MagmaDictionary!  It is just like a Dictionary except
that it inherits the properties of Magma's LargeCollections, such as
size and concurrency.
- Added Collection>>#asMagmaArray and MagmaArray>>#add:.
- Added check for an additional way to run Squeak in headless mode:
the "-vm-display-null" option.
- Added MagmaSessionRequest class>>#signalNewReadStrategy: so that
domains may signal new ReadStrategies to any listening sessions.
- Added MagmaLocalLocation>>#findSession, a convenient counterpart to
#newSession that first checks there is already a session open on that
location and, if so, use that one.  Otherwise, create and answer a new
- Support for persistent, simple BlockClosures (e.g., with only
references to arguments, not "self", any instVars or globals).
- Choose automatically between an appropriate MaDictionary subclass,
depending on whether the new Weak-Finalization mechanism from Igor is
- Several other minor fixes.

The following represent the 1.1r2 configuration, in load-dependent order:

"Magma client"
{ 'Collections-BTree-lr.73.mcz'.
  'Ma exception handling-cmm.36.mcz'.
  'Ma base additions-cmm.174.mcz'.
  'Ma Statistics-cmm.24.mcz'.
  'Ma files additions-cmm.13.mcz'.
  'Ma contextual search-cmm.34.mcz'.
  'Ma special collections-cmm.114.mcz'.
  'Ma Squeak domain-cmm.34.mcz'.
  'Ma proxy support-cmm.42.mcz'.
  'Ma traverse object graphs-cmm.31.mcz'.
  'Ma object serialization-cmm.234.mcz'.
  'Ma client server-cmm.215.mcz'.
  'Magma client-cmm.490.mcz' }

"for Magma server add"
, {'Magma server-cmm.406.mcz'. }

"for Magma tester add"
, { 'Ma Armored Code-cmm.148.mcz'.
  'Ma special collections tester-cmm.14.mcz'.
  'Ma object serialization tester-cmm.32.mcz'.
  'Magma tester-cmm.367.mcz' }

These package versions are available in the "MagmaTester" project of

 - Chris

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