[squeak-dev] Font change kept *where*??

Jim Rosenberg jr at amanue.com
Tue Jun 1 00:24:36 UTC 2010

Let's say I have a TextMorph. I select all the text, and change the text 
style using command character k. The change visibly works on the screen. If 
I save the morph to a file, and run strings on the file, at the end I see 
the name of the text style I changed to. But when I explore the morph 
inside Squeak, for the life of me I can't see the new text style anywhere, 
diving down into every instance variable, including paragraph.

What am I missing? Is it there in plain sight and I'm just not seeing it?

-Thanks, Jim

 Jim Rosenberg                      http://www.well.com/user/jer/
     Internet: jr at amanue.com

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