[squeak-dev] Re: WebClient-Monticello

Chris Cunnington smalltalktelevision at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 16:47:50 UTC 2010

I like this a lot and will be combing over it for a while.

I did find in your instructions that:

directory: (FileDirectory on: '/tmp/monticello')

presented some problems for me. Putting a folder called "monticello" in the
Squeak folder, ensuring anybody could write/read to it,
and then using:

directory: (FileDirectory default directoryNamed: 'monticello')

worked as expected.

I don't think MCWebServer could find the directory due to an incomplete
path. I have a feeling that you expected the relative path to be assisted by
the fuller path that gets put into the directory instvar during
initialization. But I don't think the example instructions you've provided
do that. They clobber whatever's in the directory instvar and leave it with
only a relative path. That seems to be why I was getting errors.

Thanks for sharing this.

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