[squeak-dev] Cog performance

Levente Uzonyi leves at elte.hu
Thu Jun 24 22:19:41 UTC 2010

On Tue, 22 Jun 2010, Eliot Miranda wrote:


> I can't say for sure without profiling (you'll find a good VM profiler
> QVMProfiler in the image in the tarball, which as yet works on MacOS only).

This looks promising, I (or someone else :)) just have to implement 
#primitiveExecutableModulesAndOffsets under win32 (and un*x), but that 
doesn't seem to be easy (at least the win32 part).

> But I expect that the reason is the cost of invoking interpreter primitives
> from machine code.  Cog only implements a few primitives in machine code
> (arithmetic, at: & block value) and for all others (e.g. nextPut: above) it
> executes the interpreter primitives.  lcsFor:and: uses at:put: heavily and
> Cog is using the interpreter version.  But the cost of invoking an
> interpreter primitive from machine code is higher than invoking it from the
> interpreter because of the system-call-like glue between the machine-code
> stack pages and the C stack on which the interpreter primitive runs.
> Three primitives that are currently interpreter primitives but must be
> implemented in machine code for better performance are new/basicNew,
> new:/basicNew: and at:put:.  I've avoided implementing these in machine code
> because the object representation is so complex and am instead about to
> start work on a simpler object representation.  When I have that I'll
> implement these primitives and then the speed difference should tilt the
> other way.

This sounds reasonable. #lcsFor:and: uses #at:put: twice in the inner 
loop. One of them (lcss at: max + k + 1 put: lcs) can be eliminated 
without affecting the computation, because that just stores the results. 
So without only one #at:put: it took me 2423ms to run the benchmark. Which 
is still a bit too high. I think only the profiler can help here.

Btw, is MessageTally less accurate with CogVM than with the SqueakVM?


> Of course if anyone would like to implement these in the context of the
> current object representation be my guest and report back asap...
> best
> Eliot
>> Levente

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