[squeak-dev] Re: [Vm-dev] COG, Trunk, and squeak.org

Michael Haupt mhaupt at gmail.com
Fri Jun 25 09:54:05 UTC 2010


I'm sending this response to squeak-dev as well, as that is the more
appropriate place ...

Cog works well with trunk images; you need to have the latest updates
in there, though. If I understand your message correctly, you seem to
be unable to update to the latest trunk, right? Have you set the
update site to http://source.squeak.org/trunk in the preferences
(under Monticello)?

Once all the updates are in, Cog starts up my trunk image, and I'm
enjoying the speedup. :-)

Pre-built releases take time to prepare, and please bear in mind that
Cog was released just some few days ago. Also, Cog does have its
glitches (I experience some difficulties with bytecode simulation, but
also with stepping in the debugger - report upcoming) and is probably
not 100 % stable for all purposes that the non-Cog VMs were well
suited for.

To summarise, while Cog is the "latest and greatest", as you put it,
it should be considered beta. The stable Squeak release is 4.1 plus
the latest VM, and in my actually not so humble opinion it is
completely sufficient to provide pre-built releases for *that*.

Perhaps I misunderstood you here and there: apologies for that, then.



On Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 10:29 AM, Squeak List <squeaklist at yahoo.com> wrote:
> First, MANY thanks to everyone for bringing Cog to Squeak :)
> yet, i go to:
> "og, a Squeak JIT VM with 2x-10x Speedup Released
> Eliot Miranda announced that Teleplace released under a MIT license his work on a long awaited and anticipated new JIT virtual engine for Squeak and friends called Cog, with 2x-10x improvement in performance.  It is available on our ftp site."
> and find no way to get Cog working at all with Trunk... it seems like update options were released some time ago for 4.1, when folks were having similar problems - but i cannot get cog to accept any update preferences...
> what happened to the COMPLETELY PRE-BUILT releases????
> i think this is what confuses/infuriates some folks: expectation is to click a link and download the COMPLETE latest and greatest: here you have cog and functioning options INCLUDED in what you download from squeak.org, that allow you to choose from whatever update stream you choose... at least Trunk...
> windows vista 32 bit here.
> i cannot find how to make cog update from TRUNK: the BUTTONS do not work in the preferences... and i am amazed that i should have to look ANYWHERE beyond SQUEAK.ORG to waste time... the program works (except the updating via TRUNK) - did i miss the message that explains how to fix this (possibly/probably) - and if/since i did miss that clearly spelled out message, why on earth is it not spelled out clearly on squeak.org??? or did i miss it there also?
> otherwise, it all is very interesting :)
> and it seems that is working very well (cog) for some folks.
> i would just like to ask someone to CLEARLY EXPLAIN how to get the new Cog system working in Windows: so that i can use Trunk updates.
> sorry, but it just seems like when i download the Cog from squeak.org, it should not have problems connecting to Trunk... and that updating from Trunk should be a built in option in preferences... to me at least... something that you could turn off if you were not interested....
> thanx all,
> ken

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