[squeak-dev] stream>>#nextPutAll: changed toreturn collectioninstead of the stream?

Rob Withers reefedjib at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 27 15:31:43 UTC 2010

Sounds good.  I am tying to contact Ron, the admin, to add you.


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From: "C. David Shaffer" <cdshaffer at acm.org>
Sent: Sunday, June 27, 2010 11:07 AM
To: "The general-purpose Squeak developers list" 
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Subject: Re: [squeak-dev] stream>>#nextPutAll: changed toreturncollectioninsteadof the stream?

> On 06/27/10 10:28, Rob Withers wrote:
>> Hey David,
>> Yeah, I fixed it this way:
>>     writeStream := ByteArray new writeStream
>>         nextPutAll: self clientVersion asByteArray;
>> ...
>>         nextPutAll: encodedCompressionMethods;
>>         yourself.
>> There is too much noise in the link you gave to find useful Crypto
>> work.  I found one package.   They should really integrate it into the
>> Monticello HTTP Crypto repository, which is where you will find SSL:
>> http://www.squeaksource.com/Cryptography
>> I'll need some time to make sure it is working correctly again.
> As pointed out, this is an MC repo... AFAICT the most significant
> changes are added ASN.1 types.  I don't think you can get SSL working
> against most servers without these additions.  If you give me (cds)
> write access I'd be happy to merge in the code.
> David

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