[squeak-dev] IMPORTANT: Election candidates!

Michael Haupt mhaupt at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 13:36:28 UTC 2010


thanks, Bert.

People will probably want to know what I'm up to, and what I would try
to push and/or achieve as a board member. I'm mostly concerned about
these three topics:


I will elaborate on each of those a bit now. Feel free to comment,
disagree or agree as you wish. I will try to answer as much as

Documentation. In my opinion, having more, better, up-to-date and
coherent documentation of all aspects of Squeak is crucial to avoid
people shying away from the sheer complexity of things, and to get
more people involved in the long run. A couple of ideas I'd like to

* a beginners' book introducing programming in Smalltalk (for pupils:
not Etoys, not the gory details, but Smalltalk programming gently

* screencasts to show how the tools work

* proper documentation on virtually everything (where is comprehensive
documentation about tool X? how do I assemble a GUI in Morphic? ...)
in one place (or linked-to from one place)

Interoperability. There are some projects that were spawned from
Squeak; Pharo and Cuis are perhaps the most popular ones right now.
Things are floating back and forth between them, and that is good. I'd
like to foster this, as it is important to support each other. For
instance, having Seaside as an easily loadable package in Trunk is
just plain good.

Process. When the entire Trunk thing started, I was a little confused
about where it would lead release-wise. Things have been clarified
only very recently. I'd like to have very clear objectives for the
"next release" every time, and early decisions about who is
responsible for what. I know these things have existed in the past,
and I think having them is good because they provide clarity.

So far for now. If my counting is correct, there are now more
candidates than positions. Good. :-)



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