[squeak-dev] [cuis] Kernel Development Model

keith keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Mar 3 04:38:30 UTC 2010

Hi Juan et al,

I have been working on a kernel development process for Cuis2, for a  
while now, and it is ready for a tour around the block. Those working  
on tricky refactorings within squeak/pharo may also find this useful.

The instructions on http://smalltalkers.pbworks.com/Getting-Started  
lead you through manually setting up
a development area for squeak pharo and cuis.

The purpose of loading these tools into squeak and pharo is to enable  
slices of code within either squeak or pharo to be marked up and  
periodically exported for import into cuis.

I have also developed an extensible bash script framework, called  
"grow" (opposite of shrink) which we can extend to provide meta- 
facilities, such as automatically setting things up, checking for vm  
updates, handling multiple repositories etc (much like "repo" for  

Grow, allows you to define a configuration, of VM, Starting Image, and  
Bootstrap code, per working directory.

#> cd squeak-wk
#> grow configure squeak --here
#> cd ../cuis-wk
#> grow configure cuis --here

This will find the configured VM and open the latest version of the  
#> grow launch base-dev --latest

Please do let me know if anything in the instructions is not clear.  
There is a fair bit of documentation knocking around on the wiki.



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