[squeak-dev] Re: [Election] Candidate list with 11 candidates is final, 6 days until election starts!

Miguel Enrique Cobá Martinez miguel.coba at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 22:59:18 UTC 2010

El vie, 05-03-2010 a las 23:14 +0100, Michael Haupt escribió:
> Miguel,
> Am 05.03.2010 um 22:04 schrieb Miguel Enrique Cobá Martinez <miguel.coba at gmail.co 
> m>:
> >> Seriously, I see your point, and I think we agree that it really  
> >> boils
> >> down to interest.
> >
> > Exactly. And that is precisely the issue that Pharo is solving. Squeak
> > don't give a cent about other uses outside of educational ones.
> that is nonsense.

Oh yes? Well, what is Etoys? From the squeakland page:

Etoys is . . .
      * an educational tool for teaching children powerful ideas in
        compelling ways
      * a media-rich authoring environment and visual programming system
      * a free software program that works on almost all personal

First than anything "educational tool".

Then Squeak refuses to remove Etoys from base image, even is in process
the update and resync of Etoys with upstream squeakland code.

If the board refuses to remove etoys that is for me that they have a
preference for the educational use of squeak than the commercial use of

Is that non-sense?
Miguel Cobá

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