[squeak-dev] temporarily broken source.squeak.org diff

Nicolas Cellier nicolas.cellier.aka.nice at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 01:53:47 UTC 2010

Sorry, I temporarily broke the diff report due to my definition of
vmPath from commandLine which has overriden previous vmPath version
Unfortunately, they differ, the primitive one had an ending pathDelimiter.
It seems like the announcements of system changes is broken in my own image...
Thus the browser failed to warn me about the override.

Here are the two commits that went silently in trunk:


Name: System-nice.287
Author: nice
Time: 7 March 2010, 1:53:28.344 am
UUID: ed7a392a-43ca-1c47-8dbc-cae5ccd357a0
Ancestors: System-nice.286

Add utility messages to avoid sending getSystemAttribute: with cryptic argument.

Examples provided in comment are using an indirection, either #os or
    Smalltalk commandLine vmPath.
    Smalltalk vmPath.
This is experimental, and for now, only (Smalltalk vmPath) will be
used in the rest of the image.

Name: Tests-nice.57
Author: nice
Time: 7 March 2010, 1:55:20.161 am
UUID: d9e28db3-2111-a64b-94d4-f598728077c0
Ancestors: Tests-nice.56

Avoid using getSystemAttribute: with a cryptic argument

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