[squeak-dev] Google Summer Of Code 2010 news!!!

Stéphane Rollandin lecteur at zogotounga.net
Sun Mar 7 15:54:21 UTC 2010

>> * MIDI support for the linux VM
>> Basically implement the MIDI plugin that has been missing for years in the linux VM
> That would be nice - though there is a t least some MIDI support in the ALSA plugin IIRC - have you looked at that?

no. any pointer ?

>> * DBus support for all platforms
>> (don't really know about the current state of affairs here)
> Is DBus used on anything but Linux? In any case, the DBusPlugin is a wrapper for libdbus so I'd expect it to just work ...

there is a DBus port for Windows; Emacs support it, for example. I don't 
know about other platforms.


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