[squeak-dev] replacing getSystemAttribute:

keith keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Mar 7 17:07:02 UTC 2010

> Hi Keith,
> By now, I want message getSystemAttribute: to get private because the
> argument is cryptic, and implementation dependent.

I agree.

> We don't have to program with encoded numbers, but should rather use
> verbs and noun, the Smalltalk way.
> Otherwise, I would just say (aStream nextPut: 13) instead of (aStream
> cr), (paragraph alignment: 2) instead of (paragraph alignment:
> Justified).
> The encoding of arguments shall still exist, but only at two places  
> at most:
> - 1 in the VM
> - 1 in the image
> Concerning the class where the access methods should be implemented,
> one thing emerged from recent discussion: it shall better be
> accessible thru the object representing the system - Smalltalk
> - either directly,
> - or indirectly, via a message indirection (Smalltalk commandLine  
> for example).


> Maybe StartupManager is just a client for the commandLine information,
> or it's the natural implementor of these messages as the main consumer
> (the only one?).

It is the natural implementer.

> That's an implementation detail we can discuss.
> Or do you mean there should not be any other client ?
> Nicolas

Simply put I am inviting you to contribute your ideas to the  
implementation of StartupManager, rather than start some competing  
implementation, which will then undermine the effort I put into  

how about it?


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