[squeak-dev] replacing getSystemAttribute:

keith keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Mar 7 20:15:30 UTC 2010

>> Simply put I am inviting you to contribute your ideas to the  
>> implementation
>> of StartupManager, rather than start some competing implementation,  
>> which
>> will then undermine the effort I put into StartupManger.
>> how about it?
>> Keith
> It would be good to have a bit of cross fork coordination for the
> basic system features.
> Do you have a MC source or changeSet available ?

"It would be good"... I disagree, I would say it is essential.

Code is available in:


If you check it our you will find a cross fork changesets for each  
slice of functionality, and a cuis-integration changeset.

To work with these changesets in all forks of squeak, I recommend you  
take a look at




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