[squeak-dev] Re: Updated trunk image (Squeak3.11-9622-alpha.zip)

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Sun Mar 7 21:21:05 UTC 2010

On 3/7/2010 12:58 AM, Edgar J. De Cleene wrote:
> I send tons of ignored messages, don't want more fights.
> I was the ReleaseTeam manager as Andreas said?
> Or not ?

You are. Why are you questioning this? Please Edgar, since your English 
is often difficult to follow, if you have issues that you'd like to see 
addressed, be explicit.

> If I was the manager , why don't have access to ftp 3.11 folders?

You don't? My understanding of the server is is that if you have a login 
(which you clearly have since you've been able to put things into the 
"various images" folder) you can put them anywhere in the files area.

> Or why my request to have access to<http://ftp.squeak.org/Experiments/>
> so I move all the compressed sources work I have in atspace don't was
> answered ?

Where did you send this request to?

   - Andreas

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