[squeak-dev] Re: Newspeak GSoC?

Gilad Bracha gilad at bracha.org
Sun Mar 7 14:48:39 UTC 2010


On Mar 7, 2010, at 12:12 AM, Josh Gargus wrote:

> On Mar 6, 2010, at 5:54 PM, Gilad Bracha wrote:
>> Josh,
>> Thanks for the thought.   I can certainly mentor such work - I'm already doing this with a number of Masters students. That said, I  have no idea if the ESUG community cares to include Newspeak related stuff in its list of projects.  My honest impression is that Newspeak doesn't really appeal to the Smalltalk community, though I'd love to be proven wrong. 
> What do you base this impression on?  The amount of contributions to Newspeak?  The level of activity on the forums?

Yes to both of those. 
> I have less data to go on than you do, but my guess is that Newspeak hasn't been quite mature enough for people who want to build projects in Newspeak (as opposed to working on Newspeak itself).  

Newspeak on Squeak is very stable and has been since it was first released. What might be an issue is that Newspeak will evolve.
This means that you need to be willing to migrate forward as things change.  By and large, these migrations will be fully automated. 

> It's a Smalltalk to me, along with Smalltalk-72 and Self.  

Ok, if you think of Self as a Smalltalk, then Newspeak would be too. I don't - there is the Smalltalk language family, to which all belong, and there is the Smalltalk language (with all its many dialects) , which is something different. It is a question of degree.

I'll respond to Janko separately.

Cheers, Gilad

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