[squeak-dev] [ReleaseReport] 8 March 2010

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2005 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 10:21:39 UTC 2010

In this moment the FunSqueak3.11-9633-alpha is going to ftp.
>From fresh Squeak3.11-9371-alpha, load updates brings to 9633 with the
undeclared I report.
This week the task was try to load muO,
Why muO ?
Besides his beautiful, is a real world exercise as need a lots of pre
I have success with many hand work and exchange many with Stéphane

Take the present as only a necessary step and not as working thing.
In fact, Stéphane made a new version and once 4.1 is out all this steps
gives us an very amazing musical system , Squeak based.

Also I load the help system Torsten Bergmann tell this list and as
³collateral damage², seems we have Metacello also.

The complete packages list is
'311Deprecated' '38Deprecated' '39Deprecated' 'BabySRE' 'Balloon'
'BalloonMMFlash' 'BroomMorphs-Base' 'BroomMorphs-Connectors' 'CGPrereqs'
'Collections' 'CollectionsTests' 'CommandShell' 'Compiler' 'Compression'
'ConfigurationOfGofer' 'ConfigurationOfHelpSystem'
'ConfigurationOfMetacello' 'Connectors' 'ConnectorsBasicDistro'
'ConnectorsDemo' 'ConnectorsGraphLayout' 'ConnectorsShapes' 'ConnectorsText'
'ConnectorsTools' 'ConsCell' 'Continuation' 'EToys' 'Exceptions' 'FFI'
'FFI-Kernel' 'FSM' 'Files' 'FixInvisible' 'FlexibleVocabularies'
'FunctionalTalk' 'Functions' 'Gofer-Core' 'Graphics' 'GraphicsTests'
'HelpSystem-Core' 'HelpSystem-Tests' 'Installer' 'Installer-Core'
'InstanceEncoder' 'Kernel' 'KernelTests' 'MCDirtyPackage' 'MCDirtyPackage'
'MCEmptyPackage' 'Metacello-Core' 'Metacello-MC' 'Metacello-Platform'
'Monticello' 'MonticelloConfigurations' 'MonticelloMocks' 'Morphic'
'Morphic-Balloon' 'Morphic-CandidatesForGo' 'Morphic-TrueType'
'MorphicExtras' 'MorphicGames' 'MorphicTests' 'MorphicWrappers' 'MuO'
'MuO39' 'Multilingual' 'MultilingualTests' 'Nebraska' 'Network'
'Network-HTML' 'Network-IRC' 'NetworkTests' 'OB-Standard' 'OSC' 'OSProcess'
'PackageInfo' 'PackageInfo-Base' 'People' 'PluggableMemory' 'PlusTools'
'PreferenceBrowser' 'ProcessProperties' 'Protocols' 'REPLMorph' 'Regex'
'ReleaseBuilder' 'SMBase' 'SMLoader' 'ST80' 'SUnit' 'SUnitGUI' 'Scamper'
'ScriptLoader' 'Services' 'Services-Base' 'ShoutCore' 'Sound'
'Squeak-Project-Help' 'Squeak-Version' #StandardYellowButtonMenus 'Star
functions' 'StringFormat' 'System' 'SystemChangeNotification'
'SystemChangeNotification-Tests' 'TestBrowser' 'Tests' 'Tests-CommandShell'
'Tests-OSProcess' 'ToolBuilder' 'ToolBuilder-Examples' 'ToolBuilder-Kernel'
'ToolBuilder-MVC' 'ToolBuilder-Morphic' 'ToolBuilder-SUnit'
'ToolBuilder-Specs' 'Tools' 'ToolsTests' 'Traits' 'TraitsTests' 'TrueType'
'Universes' 'VB-Regex' 'VersionNumber' 'VersionNumberTests' 'XML'

This week, going Seaside + Pier so some impatient needing bring bread to
home see we care about they too :=)

Enjoy and remember, is ALPHA

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