[squeak-dev] More Candidate Questions

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Mar 10 09:58:53 UTC 2010

On 10.03.2010, at 04:46, Colin Putney wrote:
> On 2010-03-09, at 2:40 AM, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>>> I am interested in what the new Candidates say, or don't say, and not what the previous board or board members or vocal minorities say.
>>> Thank you for your responses.
>>> You are so far one of the 3 out of 11 Candidates who have responded.
>>> Ken G. Brown
>> You really want a "me too" response?
> Hey it's politics. The point of the question wasn't to solicit information, but to get you to go on record. Then, if for some reason the SFC project doesn't pan out, it's evidence that you haven't kept your word.
> Colin

Thanks for explaining. I honestly couldn't get it.

Ken - I'm an engineer. Not a politician, not even a manager. Squeak to me has much more to do with friendship than politics. I'm not running for the board to gain power, but because friends help each other out, and in my mind the more experienced should take a larger burden.

If you're looking for a politician, do not vote for me.

- Bert -

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