[squeak-dev] My campaign promises

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Wed Mar 10 12:00:09 UTC 2010

Hi Folks,

This message states my objectives for running as a Board member.

First, let me state how I see the Board and its duties.

The Board has been in charge of the relicensing and SFC effort. This 
makes sense, as official representatives of the community need to do it. 
This major landmark in Squeak's history is almost finished and I did 
almost nothing to help. So, I'll not set it as a personal goal, and I'll 
not ask for any credit when it is done.

The Board has been in charge of designing and removing teams for 
specific tasks. I'll help keeping up the good work in this area.

Apart from this, the Board is like an executive power but without a work 
force or a budget. For this, the Board can't really make decisions on 
where to drive Squeak or what projects to support. Besides, the Board 
never discouraged any use of Squeak and will never do. I would like this 
to change, and the Board to be able to really drive Squeak, but I don't 
know how to make it happen. As real work is done by contributors (even 
if members of the Board) and not by the Board itself, I'll keep 
contributing to Squeak with code and ideas as I have been doing it, but 
this is unrelated with me being or not in the Board.

So, what are my campaign promises?

1) If somebody comes with a way to enhance the decision making power of 
the Board, I'll support it.
2) If somebody comes with ideas for the Board to actually be able to 
support and oversee projects that are strategic to Squeak's direction, 
I'll support them.
3) I'll do whatever I can to help the various Squeak sub-communities 
(Pharo, Etoys, Cobalt, Cuis, etc.) be friends.
4) On any other issues that will come up, I'll make my best effort to 
think solutions and execute them. After all, you already know me.

Juan Vuletich

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