[squeak-dev] I wish retake old good practice

keith keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Mar 10 16:12:04 UTC 2010

> The 3.9 aftermath was not nice and I regret the pain it caused. But  
> the root problem was that Marcus and Stef had to do way too much on  
> their own.

They picked the wrong process too. MC for kernel development, what a  
silly idea.

> No release team should ever have to do that much work again. What  
> they did was heroic and I'm still thankful for that, but it was not  
> sustainable.

No release team should have to do any work at all.

Contributions should be completed parts, developed relative to a  
single base line, that can be assembled.

> That's why we needed a new process where people could contribute  
> directly,

Anyone can develop their  contribution off line, and publish it as a  
loadable package. trunk doesn't help that process.

In fact it has resulted in several such contributions being ignored  
and effectively thrown away, because trunk is not able to sustain  
multiple parallel development branches.

It also confuses any possible analysis of what is a discrete  
innovation, and it encourages things to be included before they are  
ready or documented. You have heard of premature optimisation, well  
now you have premature integration.

> and we hopefully now found one with the Trunk contribution process.

Trunk is merely group hacking. It took me 30 years to learn that what  
I was doing was hacking and to see the light.

> That's also why I'm advocating against a release team that does  
> anything more than actually package a release.

Agreed. A release is merely an assemblage of selected features/ 
packages and functionality.

Now you have re-instated the elite, I cant use trunk, I am not clever  

> And that's why I'm arguing for a freeze period on Trunk when we near  
> a release to let the dust settle, so effectively *everybody* is  
> working towards the release, and not just one or two people.
>> If the discussions about 3.11 had happened on the release list then  
>> the whole debacle would not have happened in the first place.
> If the 3.11 discussions happened on squeak-dev instead of IRC and  
> lesser frequented mailing lists, you would have had a lot more  
> support. Visibility and communication is key.

We gained the support before, how many times do we have to gain  
support. You the board told us to write a proposal to get it approved.  
Now you move the goal posts, apparently I have to continuously  
generate support and have charisma too.

When was I supposed to code?


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