[squeak-dev] My campaign promises

karl ramberg karlramberg at gmail.com
Wed Mar 10 19:34:00 UTC 2010

On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 12:00 PM, Juan Vuletich <juan at jvuletich.org> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> This message states my objectives for running as a Board member.
> First, let me state how I see the Board and its duties.
> The Board has been in charge of the relicensing and SFC effort. This makes
> sense, as official representatives of the community need to do it. This
> major landmark in Squeak's history is almost finished and I did almost
> nothing to help. So, I'll not set it as a personal goal, and I'll not ask
> for any credit when it is done.
> The Board has been in charge of designing and removing teams for specific
> tasks. I'll help keeping up the good work in this area.
> Apart from this, the Board is like an executive power but without a work
> force or a budget. For this, the Board can't really make decisions on where
> to drive Squeak or what projects to support. Besides, the Board never
> discouraged any use of Squeak and will never do. I would like this to
> change, and the Board to be able to really drive Squeak, but I don't know
> how to make it happen. As real work is done by contributors (even if members
> of the Board) and not by the Board itself, I'll keep contributing to Squeak
> with code and ideas as I have been doing it, but this is unrelated with me
> being or not in the Board.
> So, what are my campaign promises?
> 1) If somebody comes with a way to enhance the decision making power of the
> Board, I'll support it.
> 2) If somebody comes with ideas for the Board to actually be able to support
> and oversee projects that are strategic to Squeak's direction, I'll support
> them.

A few ideas here.
Better support for Linux distribution package people.
Swiki update .
Support and help people attending conferences and events
Make Squeak a more obvious choise in education for all age groups
We did a community documentation effort for Etoy that cover many basic
elements of the Etoys environment. Start a similar project for Squeak

> 3) I'll do whatever I can to help the various Squeak sub-communities (Pharo,
> Etoys, Cobalt, Cuis, etc.) be friends.
> 4) On any other issues that will come up, I'll make my best effort to think
> solutions and execute them. After all, you already know me.
> Cheers,
> Juan Vuletich

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