[squeak-dev] "find method" changes

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 03:37:34 UTC 2010

>  - Is there a reason you chose to answer the index or 0 rather than
> the object selected or nil?  The only way this could possibly convey
> more information is if you have duplicate entries in the list, which
> seems very unlikely..  The cost is that the developer has to index
> back into some list, which may have originated from a non-Sequenceable
> collection, forcing him to keep create and remember transient one to
> index back into just to use it.

Ah, I just looked at ChooserTool and answered my own question.  I
agree that drop-in replacement for ChooserTool is the way to go, even
if I feel my question has merit.

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