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Just cooking SqueakCore-9371-alpha and I need add Experiments
We have this in previous images, don¹t know where go or new ways of doing

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Need remove .png or my mail do not reach list.
More weird about servers

In workspace do
ServerDirectory serverNames
#('Bob SuperSwiki' 'Squeak.org Archive' 'Squeakland Projects' 'Squeakland
SuperSwiki' 'Squeakland-BSS' 'Squeakland-Projects' 'UCSBCreate Archive'
'UIUC Archive').

We must do ServerDirectory  resetServers, I take about in SqueakCore and in
Think a empty .mcz with a preamble do the job.

Another weird.

#askServerInfo still exists and you could found a workaround for have a new
But the name you choose is lost.

>>ServerDirectory addServer: aa named: ''UIUCArchive''.  "<- known by this name
in Squeak"'.
This is the example and work in 3.10 but not in trunk.


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