[squeak-dev] I wish retake old good practice

keith keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Mar 11 11:32:31 UTC 2010

> So, Keith. What is the purpose of squeak-dev mailing list to your  
> thinking?
> A place for noob flame wars?

Since squeak is a development tool, squeak-dev is a place for users of  
squeak. i.e. Developers that "use" squeak to "develop" things. Hence  
the name squeak-dev.

> I'm interested in answer (oh .. looks like we using this list to  
> conversate)...

The release list, surprisingly is for those who want to develop or  
contribute to developing a release of squeak.

I am stuck here because with "cuis", Juan has chosen the honourable  
path of being different, but not using the difference as an excuse for  
splitting the community.

I want to develop stuff on top of smalltalk, I don't like low level  
coding much, but after 4 years looking at the same cruft and lack of  
modularity in squeak it is tiresome. There still isn't a process that  
enables fixing any of the cruft.

When it comes to the release I have always had one and only one  
question that has bee top of my list since August 2006

What is the timeline for replacing FileDirectory, and how are you  
going to achieve it, across all forks and all 700+ packages, even one  
fork would be a start.

If you cant answer that question then you aren't doing anything I am  
interested in. Closures I can do without, fancy graphics I can ignore,  
multiheaded beasts are not useful to me, fancy tools I don't need I am  
happy with the PackagePaneBrowser, but every time I have to use  
FileDirectory I feel the brain-cells dying.




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