[squeak-dev] Selectors with underscores

Ian Trudel ian.trudel at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 14:47:55 UTC 2010

2010/3/11 Torsten Bergmann <astares at gmx.de>:
> Pharo allows you to use underscores in method selectors.
> This is currently in Pharo 1.1 and not 1.0.
> Does that makes sense to have in Squeak trunk/Cuis too?

No, this is *not* something I'd like to have in Squeak. It's a
potential disaster in the long run where either we will be forced to
standardize code in some way or live with a basic image/trunk/etc and
very weird variable names mixing camel_CameANd_whAtnot beyond the
usage of Glorp.

(how appropriate!)


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