[squeak-dev] Re: Selectors with underscores

Louis LaBrunda Lou at Keystone-Software.com
Thu Mar 11 15:39:09 UTC 2010

I think VA Smalltalk (VAST) does support it but I never use them.


On Thu, 11 Mar 2010 16:28:45 +0100, "Torsten Bergmann" <astares at gmx.de>

>>That fundamentally changes the readability of Squeak code and makes all
>That is not an argument, one can currently write a method:
>   xxxßsoOOollx0001128üäe8
>	^'Unreadble'
>and thats not readable either.
>>future code written that way incompatible with other Smalltalks.
>Depends on how you see it. VisualWorks and Smalltalk/MT allow
>underscores in selectors as well. Havent tested VAST, Dolphin, GNU, ...
>If we dont support it in Squeak we can not load code from 
>Smalltalks who support it. 
>What about the following:
>We can make it a preference (as it is the case with underscore assignment) and set it to false by default.
>So by default the image is clean and people who need it (Glorp for
>instance) dont have to patch the image/class Scanner ...
>>or maintain your own fork of Squeak
>Believe me - there are already enough forks ;)
>More opinions please! 
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